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Ryan Wilde will donate a portion of her sales to PrEP4All

January 5, 2022


Ryan Wilde selected PrEP4All, an organization near and dear to her heart, as the recipient for her work’s charitable donation. PrEP4All is determined to increase healthcare access for patients diagnosed with HIV. PrEP4All was founded by patients for patients, and promises to help provide lifesaving HIV medication to people of all races, socioeconomic classes, and sexual identities.


Increasing awareness and education is also at the forefront of their mission. The team at PrEP4All is made of lawyers, healthcare professionals, and academics all who have been personally affected by the HIV epidemic. They have made great progress for the HIV community through their activism; they regularly advocate for the community and spread knowledge about the epidemic. 


Beginning shortly into 2020, they expanded their mission to assist the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. They funded a group to extensively research, promote safety, provide vaccines, identify PPE, and assist with testing. 


All in all, PrEP4All does a remarkable job increasing necessary healthcare access for all patients against deadly infectious diseases. If they continue their great work, the hope is to eradicate the deep pains from these diseases–both physically and emotionally. Ryan wishes to contribute to PrEP4All knowing they promote a life of passion, joy, tolerance, authenticity, and, ultimately, health. 

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To learn more about PrEP4All, click the link below.

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