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VE x Keigo Prints

Variable Editions has partnered with  master printer Keigo Takahashi to print the silk screen foundation for each artist to work on. Keigo and the Keigo Prints team combine years of experience with the finest materials to create masterpieces. 

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Founded and operated by two brothers, Variable Editions was born from the desire to combine art with community. The VE crew works with artists and print shops to bring you a unique and desirable piece of art while helping others.

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VE Movement

We are a collective that believes art is alive. We work with artists to publish unique works that blur the line between original and multiple, creating a new outlet for artists. We leverage this to bring change to the world. A percentage of every item sold will be donated to help the community. This could be a donation to a large international charity or a local food pantry. At VE, we believe that art not only inspires the masses but can be a tool for change. Do you want to join the moVEment ?

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