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Ryan Travis Christian selects Paws Chicago for his works charitable contribution

May 25, 2021


     After some long thought, Ryan Travis Christian decided he wanted to make an impact on the sheltered and homeless animals around the greater Chicago area. He selected Paws Chicago as the benefactor of the money raised by the sale of his variable edition "IF YOU NOSE YOU NOSE". 


      Paws Chicago is an amazing organization that aims to solve the challenging issues around homeless and sheltered animals. Their No Kill model is a proven method to rase adoption rates, improve community awareness, and decrease the overall number of homeless animals within the greater Chicago area. 

     The combination of an effective animal welfare program and strong community outreach has created a lifesaving program. In fact, the overall euthanasia rate for the city of Chicago between 1997 and 2018 has been reduced by 91%*. Paws Chicago's continued community education campaigns, spay and neutering initiatives, and proactive adoption has made a significant impact on the outcome of sheltered animals and the hearts and homes of the families that have adopted a new loved one.   

Happy Family with Pets

To learn more about Paws Chicago, click the link below.

*Information found on Paws Chicago website. The comments on this page are not endorsed or provided by Paws Chicago. 

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