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July 2, 2021

Marcus Leslie Singleton Selects Nazareth Housing for his Works Charitable Contribution

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    Marcus is very passionate about helping the community of the greater New York City area. The lack of affordable housing is something Marcus  would like to change. This is why he selected Nazareth Housing NYC for his works charitable contribution. 


  Nazareth Housing NYC is a non-profit organization that provides:

  1. Help for New Yorkers seeking stable housing through the provision of shelter, supportive housing, and assistance applying for affordable housing lotteries

  2. Referral to a robust network of services that enables families to cope with challenges such as domestic violence, mental health, unemployment and child care

  3. Access to two weekly food pantries for those grappling with food insecurity.

  4. Financial coaching for families looking to repair their credit and save for the future

  This suite of services is used to combat the decades-long homelessness crisis within New York City. Founded in 1983 by Sister Marion Agnes Daniel, Nazareth Housing NYC continues to be a beacon for self-sufficiency, responsibility, well-being, integrity, diversity, and compassion. A portion of the total sales of MLS x VE 1.0 will be donated to Nazareth Housing NYC.    

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