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Marcus Leslie Singleton partners with VE for their 3rd release 

MLS Head_edited.png

"Currently, my work is a reflection on reality. The thinking behind the work is to make something that has occurred at a certain point, specifically this strange clouded time we’re all experiencing, atemporal. I don’t wish to make the memories, however painful, joyful, or graphic outlast time, my aim is to be truthful and as transparent through my art as I can, so that in effect the thought inscribed in the work outlasts the constraints of time, and maybe that gets us somewhere."


Watercolor Brush 15
Watercolor Brush 1
Watercolor Brush 10
Green Paint Stroke
Watercolor Brush 9
Watercolor Brush 17

photo by Leo Hsu

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June 22, 2021

Variable Editions is excited to be working with Marcus Leslie Singleton in helping him share his artistic message. His figurative narrative is representative of aesthetic beliefs, value of human nature, beauty, and reflection on society and recent times to which we have been living in. He uses his art as an expression of self searching while hoping the viewer can find a piece of who they are within his work as well. As with all releases, a portion of total sales will be donated to a charity of Marcus' choice. It is the mission of the VE crew to deliver great art that helps the community.

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