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Ana Benaroya selects Walk the Walk for her works charitable donation


Walk the Walk is an all-volunteer initiative that raises funds for strategic voter empowerment in key geographies -- to make our local, state, and federal governments work for the people and realize the promise of an inclusive U.S. democracy.


Walk the Walk fundraises for local grassroots organizations that are run by people from the communities they serve.  These groups use research-proven tactics to engage communities to win. Research shows that typical political fundraising is not the most effective way to win. 

Together with a growing network of 6,000+ contributors in 47 states, we raised $3.5 million during the 2020 election cycle. Walk the Walk's grassroots partners played pivotal roles in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, among other states.


To learn more on how Walk the Walk is empowering voters click the Learn More button below.

Independence Day Bunting
4th of July Fireworks
4th of July Fireworks
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